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Gatomon's Gloves

(This was originally posted February 13, 2013)

Hi everyone! I'm happy to report I have one cosplay totally finished for the upcoming Sakura-Con 2013. This particular one is my Gatomon gijinka, or humanoid version.  Gatomon is that cute little cat Digimon you might remember specifically from the first two seasons of Digimon!

Before I post any photos of the outfit in it's entirety, I wanted to post mini-guides and tutorials on how I made each part of the costume (that means you'll keep coming back, right?).  The first part of the costume I made was her gloves.

I'm also going to have to ask you to politely overlook the old watermark stating "Everyday Otaku", as I was a dumb blogger and deleted the original photos.  But that will only be in the first half of the photos.  The latter half will have the shiny new watermark!

Here we go!

Step 1:  Made a pattern resembling the shape of the glove (cat paw).

Looks like it will comfortably hold my hand!

I'll admit it took me a couple tries to get the right dimension at the "fingers."  If I made them too pronounced, they turmed out looking like actual fingers instead of cat toes.  A gentle slope produced the best results.  

Step 2:  Cut out the fabric.  I chose a green anti-pill blizzard fleece from Joann's.  I cut out two pieces, then with the right-sides facing (I chose the softer side to be my right-side,) I sewed them together and left an opening at the end where my hand would go in.  At this point, I sewed a little mitten structure from some scrap cloth I laying around to be the glove lining.

Haha, and at this point I wasn't thinking and sewed the lining in without stuffing the glove.  So I tore a hole in the lining, stuffed it until I was satisfied the the shape, and sewed the lining back up.

Step 3:  So, as I once again got too far ahead of myself, I realized I should have sewed on all the extras before lining and stuffing the gloves.  So I made patterns for the stripes, claws and pink pads for the glove.  I then reopened the lining, sewed on the accessories, and re-sewed the lining.  

Step 4: Ta-Dah!

Ta-daaaaah! A finished pair of cartoony cat gloves! I'll tell you what, they are super comfy and warm, and really fun to play catch with a bouncy ball in.  Since I didn't make an actually glove lining, I really don't have any grip or dexterity.  They are easy to get on and off, however, and I'm also really happy with how they turned out.  

Next blog post in the Gatomon series will be on how I made the tail I will be wearing! Look forward to that and other blog posts, please! 

Feel free to leave feedback,  also! Questions, comments, or concerns? All are welcome!


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